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Vocational training

Boatbuilding is one of the world’s oldest trades or professions because people have always sailed the seas and waterways on boats and ships.

Its variety is clearly what makes it such a fascinating profession. Apprentices learn not only how to handle different materials such as GRP, wood, composites and metal; they are also taught how to read and understand design plans and build boats from them.

A boatbuilding apprentice can choose between two specialisations: newbuildings, upgrades and conversions, and yacht technology. It is a 3½-year apprenticeship.

Further training

Master craftsman
As the boatbuilder’s trade comes under Annex A of the German crafts code, the master craftsman qualification is a prerequisite for setting up in business on your own. To sit for the master’s exam you must have qualified as a journeyman. The requirements and details are specified in the crafts code and the boatbuilding master craftsman’s examination regulations. As a rule, would-be master craftsmen attend courses to prepare for the exam.

Dipl.-Ing. Schiffbau
The main objective of this bachelor’s degree course in shipbuilding is to enable the graduate to study for a master’s degree. It begins with teaching mathematical, scientific and engineering basics. They are later joined by knowledge and skills that are specifically shipbuilding-related. Click here for information about shipbuilding degree courses and locations.